How to save on home expenses

How to save on home expenses with four simple tips

The feared increase in energy bills is now a reality. It is important to keep in mind that, in addition to public interventions to contain price increases, there are some precautions and good habits that can be adopted to avoid waste and save money. These 4 proven steps will help you cut your bill bill costs while adopting more sustainable behavior that respects the environment.

Carry out maintenance on the boiler

In addition to a prudent use of heating, one of the most important steps to reduce the cost of the gas bill is the regular maintenance of the boiler which must be carried out every year. Its control is essential, not only because required by law, but also because it allows you to identify the presence of any anomalies that could cause waste of gas. Another good habit to adopt is to turn off the boiler when you are not using it, for example at night. If, on the other hand, a new one has to be installed, it is advisable to prefer the condensing models which are more efficient and, combined with the radiant panels, allow you to save up to 30% in bills.

Evaluate alternative heating sources

A valid solution for optimizing consumption and saving on natural gas heating is the installation of heat pumps or underfloor heating using radiant panels. If you also want to have a greater positive impact on the environment, the ideal is the installation of photovoltaic panels. A more demanding intervention but which in the long run ensures multiple benefits, especially when it is performed by qualified professionals. This alternative and sustainable energy choice also allows you to access the bonuses allocated by the Government, applicable to different types of interventions, such as renovations or energy redevelopment.

Choose better performing appliances

If it is necessary to replace one or more appliances, the ideal way to significantly reduce consumption is to prefer those of a higher category, with a more performing energy class and therefore not lower than A+. Each household appliance, from the TV to the washing machine, has its own electricity consumption and for each of them the adoption of small precautions allows you to avoid unnecessary waste. A simple and minimally invasive move to reduce the average cost of the technological devices included in the bill is to use them carefully and not leave them on standby. Furthermore, for some appliances, it is also possible to set functions and programs to positively affect consumption. For example, in the case of a refrigerator that is always on, you can set a higher temperature than the minimum, which is more expensive, to have a double benefit: reduce consumption and save money.

Prefer LED bulbs

Replacing old incandescent lamps with the latest generation LED ones is a choice that allows you to save on bills. Despite the higher cost compared to traditional ones, LED bulbs are more efficient and last about 15/25 times longer. A simple and non-invasive trick to cut bill costs.

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